78.8% Of All Households Own Their Home, Survey Finds

Of the 78.8% of homeowners, 73.8% report never having a mortgage on their main home or having paid off the debt.

A total of 78.8 per cent of all households own their home in Malta, according to the European Statistics on Income and Living Conditions survey for 2018, published by the National Statistics Office (NSO).

Of the 78.8 per cent of homeowners, 73.8 per cent report never having had a mortgage on their main home or having repaid the debt in full.

Among households with dependent children, 84 per cent were homeowners. This was higher than that for households without dependent children in which case 76.2 per cent were homeowners. A different trend is observed among rented main dwellings, with 18.9 per cent of households without dependent children being tenants compared to 11.3 per cent of households with dependent children.

The 2018 reported that 3.4 per cent of persons in private households lived in overcrowded dwellings. The methodology comes from taking a sample size of private dwellings in Malta and Gozo, with 4,000 households being interviewed.

It was found that in 2018, 55.4 per cent of all inhabited main dwellings in Malta and Gozo were either apartments or maisonettes, while 39.9 per cent were semi-detached or terraced houses.

Results show that the largest proportion of main dwellings (32.5 per cent), contained five rooms. This was followed by 23.2 per cent of main dwellings composed of six rooms, and 22.7 per cent composed of seven or more rooms.




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