Address of the Government of the Republic to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

 "Estonia! You stand on the threshold of a hopeful future where you can freely and independently determine and control your destiny! Build your own home, where the times and the right to rule, to be a worthy member in the family of bodybuilders! All the sons and daughters of our homeland, join us as one man in the holy work of building a homeland! The aspiration and blood of our ancestors, cast for this land, demands this, our descendants bring us this. "

This is how the manifesto of our country was published in the letter to all the people of Estonia.

We thank the people of Estonia and its leaders for the wisdom and courage that laid the foundations for an independent and independent Republic of Estonia. A state founded on freedom, justice and justice. A state that is protecting internal and external peace and pledging for their present and future generations their social success and overall benefits. The state, which must ensure the preservation of the Estonian nation, language and culture through the ages.

We thank all the people and friends of Estonia at home and in a wide world who did not lose faith in the survival of the Estonian people and the country during the years of hard suffering.

We thank people who, in their unwavering faith and steadfastness, restored the Estonian state.

We think of gratefulness to all those who have lost their lives or brought the victims to make Estonia free.

We are grateful to people who hold and develop our country.

We are grateful to people who carry our country in their hearts away from Estonia. You are always welcome to return home.

We are grateful to all the previous governments of our country who have kept and moved Estonia.

We are grateful to all the people of Estonia.

We invite all the people and friends of Estonia to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our country and keep this historical moment in our souls and memories.

Estonia! You are independent and free, and rate and direct yourself to your destiny. You look firmly and hopefully in the future. You are a dignified member of the world's people. You are our home, in which the rule and the rule prevail. You are the home that we love, keep and build. You are home, where we are dear to our ancestors, and which we pass on to our next generations.

Congratulations, dear Estonia!

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