António Costa highlights importance of investment in culture

 Prime Minister António Costa highlighted the importance of the Portuguese state's investment in culture during the ceremony that marked the acquisition of six paintings by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva. 

At the ceremony organized by the Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation in Lisbon, António Costa said that the purchase of the paintings is part of the appreciation of the national cultural heritage and "also marks the rescue of a country that, after having been rescued, is buy what is yours. " 
"It is very important that we realize that as important as the rating agendas take another look at Portugal or how the European Commission has closed the Excessive Deficit Procedure is today we can go back to buying what is ours and what is a timeless brand of Portuguese culture, "he added.
The Prime Minister emphasized the efforts of the Finance Governance area, in particular the work of the Secretary of State for the Treasury, Álvaro Novo, which allowed the purchase of all six tables, avoiding payment of interest and eliminating the risks of they could lose. 
António Costa also underlined "the essence of the work of the Government": "The balance of public finances is essential to build the country we want, with a better National Health Service, with a better public school, with better infrastructures and also with an investment in culture '.
The six paintings in question - "Novembre" (1958), "La Mer" (1961), "Au fur et à mesure" (1965), "L'Esplanade" (1967), "New Amsterdam I" II "(1970) - were purchased in December 2017 for 5.5 million euros and will be exhibited at the Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Museum. 
"It is fundamental that the work is open to the public and enjoyed by all. This is how citizenship is built and it is to reinforce the citizenship that we acquired these six works of Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, "said the Prime Minister, who pointed out this acquisition as an act of homage to the foundation and the painter herself.


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