Antitrust: Commission fines six car air conditioning and engine cooling suppliers € 155 million in cartel settlement

 The European Commission has fined Behr, Calsonic, Denso, Panasonic, Sanden and Valeo for a total of € 155 million. All six suppliers acknowledged their involvement in the cartels and agreed to settle the case. Denso was not fined for three of the cartels as it revealed their existence to the Commission. Panasonic was not fined for one of the cartels as it revealed its existence to the Commission. Behr, Calsonic, Denso, Sanden and Valeo benefit from reductions of their fines for their cooperation with the Commission investigation. In addition, under the Commission's 2008 Settlement Notice , The Commission applied a reduction of 10% to the fines imposed on the companies in view of their acknowledgment of the participation in the cartel and of the liability in this respect. The coordination took place at meetings, notably through trilateral meetings in Europe in one of the cartels, and through other collusive contacts in Europe and Japan through bilateral meetings, by email or phone. The Commission's investigation revealed the existence of four separate infringements. During the investigation the Commission cooperated with antitrust authorities in Japan and the US. Commissioner Margrethe Vestager , in charge of competition policy said: "Even though they are very much something you feel. In this case you could also feel it in your wallet. Today's decision Underlines That We do not accept cartels That affect the European market, Wherever and HOWEVER They May be Organised ". A full press release is available online in EN , FR and DE . 

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