"Ashtrays polls" to fight against the jet of butts

About thirty ashtrays were installed in the streets of Paris, as part of the project for a cleaner city voted in the participatory budget.

Are you rather flip flops or sandals? BeyoncĂ© or Rihanna? Pont Neuf or Pont des Arts? Quinoa or burger? It is by slipping one's butt into one of the two holes each corresponding to a proposition that the smoker answers these fundamental questions.

Since last May, "ashtrays" have been installed in the capital. The goal: to make it fun to throw out a cigarette filter. Experienced in other cities in France and Europe, this concept gently encourages a change in behavior. Especially since the jet of butt is punishable by a fine of 68 euros.

These ashtrays are located in the 18 "streets without butts" established last May, after a deliberation adopted at the Paris Council in February 2019. For a year, these arteries in Paris are testing devices to deter the jet of filters cigarettes, hand-held ashtrays and smoking prevention actions have been put in place.

Find the 18 streets without butts

Other fun receptacles have also been distributed in the campuses of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris Diderot University, the National School of Architecture Paris Val-de-Seine and the School of Higher Studies in Public Health.

It is the Parisians who have taken their interest to strengthen the means and put in place new features for a cleaner city in the 2016 and 2017 edition of the participative budget . Since 2018, the project has enabled the acquisition of 42 solar-powered compact bins, anti-rat shelters and more efficient, quieter and more environmentally friendly cleaning equipment. 



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