Better access to drinking water in Croatia thanks to Cohesion Policy investments

 Almost €96 million from the Cohesion Fund is being invested to upgrade water supply and waste water networks in Croatia's Slavonia and Istria regions and on the island of Krk. Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu said: "Each euro the EU invests in these projects contributes to better access to clean drinking water and a preserved environment in Croatia." This investment package includes: (1) €19.3 million for the construction of a waste water treatment plant and of filtration systems in the urban area of Osijek and the towns of Bilje and Darda, in the North-Eastern Croatian region of Slavonia, to protect the groundwater from infiltration. 125,000 people will benefit from better access to drinking water as a result of this project, which should be completed by end 2018. (2) Almost €28 million for the upgrade of 4 waste water treatment plants in the urban areas of Lanterna, Poreč Sjever, Poreč Jug and Vrsar, in the Western region of Istria. (3) €48.5 million for better access to clean drinking water on Krk, an island home to almost 14,500 people and which hosts 5 million tourist overnights per year. Works involve the rehabilitation of nearly 40 km of water supply network, the construction of 6 wastewater treatment plants and the construction of 80 km of sewers. Once the project is completed in 2020, the vast majority of the island will be connected to modern drinking water and sewage networks. More information on EU funds in Croatia is available on the Cohesion Open Data Platform. 


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