Caster: Our goal is to improve public health and reduce the consumption of alcohol

 Rural Policy Council Secretariat, rural policy in the rural economy and the know-how and network in sparsely populated rural network Together with the Government's local food program sote- position and the effects of county reform, food services, local production and the local economy. The joint statement stresses that special attention should be paid to the impact of the reform of public food services.

The joint position provides, inter alia, that the municipal and regional decision-makers should pay special attention to the impact of the reform of food services in their area and to jointly find sustainable solutions for securing them.

The statement calls for regions to an active approach to promote business and related production on their own territory, inter alia, by identifying the means to SMEs, the access to procurement processes and records them in purchasing strategies and guidelines.

The statement suggests that if large, the province consolidated under the control of the production of kitchen -The company to be established, will be recorded in the shareholders' agreements procurement have been identified, particularly with regard to local food. The articles of association must be recognized role in the company and food services realization of economic objectives in your area. The Group will also align instructions complying with the owners of the strategic decisions of the company's operations, such as the nearby area of ​​production and the improvement of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The statement also calls enabled by local flexible solutions legislation.

Declaration, in the background the new Procurement and regional reform

By public food procurement plays a significant role in the national economy. Food purchases for the proportion of the annual public procurement EUR 35 billion to EUR 350 million. Of this amount, on average, 15 per cent went to their own province and 65 per cent of the purchase of other domestic food.

The beginning of this year become the new Acquisition Act to amend the public procurement procedure, in particular in the fact that procurement thresholds significantly and the number of people outside the scope of the Public Procurement of so-called low-grow procurement will rise into force. Low-Procurement is estimated to be carried out each year more than 100 000 copies, according to the previous EUR 30 000 threshold. For many small companies, small purchases can represent a significant proportion of their annual turnover. The new legislation allows for the success of SMEs in competitive tendering and contracting entities as suppliers from entering. It is required that the law applicable to SMEs for participation a way that benefits, increasing market dialogue.

However, the ongoing reform of regional change many of the functions of public procurement, such as provided by municipal food services. Currently, the municipality produces food services, as well as day-care centers, schools, staff canteen that health centers and care units. Sote- the future and the reform of the provincial health and social services, including those related to food services, transferred to the municipalities in the province. remaining in the reform, municipalities meal service unit remains very low and the production of food services as a municipal activity set in places with major challenges.

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