Circle of Presidency's digital outcomes: ultra-fast Internet connection, simpler and fairer tax system, more choice in online stores

 Today Prime Minister Jüri Ratas highlighted the 5G high-speed Internet connection that brings people's Internet of Things to the Internet and self-driving vehicles today in Brussels, according to the digital presidency of the Estonian Council of the European Union. 

According to Ratas, entrepreneurs will soon be able to pay more VAT on cross-border sales of goods. In addition, the European Union reached an agreement on how to update international tax rules in such a way that the situation would arise where internet companies pay income tax only in the country where they are registered, and not where they make a profit.

"Until Christmas, weblogs will have unfair site-based constraints on products and services," the Prime Minister continued on the list of digital presidential elections in the seminar organized by the Estonian Presidency team with the prestigious Policy Research Center. In addition, Ratas noted among others the development of a joint statement on e-government signed by the signatories in Tallinn, the development of a unified digital gateway agreement and cyber-security co-operation. 

The wheel explained that digi means improving people's choices and livelihoods rather than the onslaught of machinery. "Digital solutions change the whole society: from land use to space exploration, no area of ​​life is left untouched," Ratas explained to Estonia the choice to set up digital solutions for the presidency.

During the presidency, Estonia focused on five interrelated areas of the digital divide: free movement of data, smart European economy, e-commerce, e-governance, and trust and security. 

"I am very pleased to confirm that digital Europe and the free movement of data have become a whole-European goal," said the Prime Minister. 

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