A 'Clearly Communicating' Defense Serves the State and Citizens

The Minister of National Defense, João Gomes Cravinho, presented the two new portals of the governing area of ​​the National Defense in Lisbon, one dedicated to general affairs and the other to military recruitment.


During his speech, João Gomes Cravinho said that the more generic Defense Portal brings together “the different entities of this universe in one space”; The Recruitment Portal, in turn, is a 'more effective communication tool in support of Recruitment' and more 'targeted at young people'.


"Both Portals contribute to the Government's administrative modernization policies, and the Recruitment Portal is a measure of the Simplex + Program, similar to the Portal of Memory Institutions that we presented earlier this year," said the Minister.


For João Gomes Cravinho, the creation of these two new portals is the result of “a National Defense that makes itself known with more transparency and rigor, contributing to the democratization and dissemination of knowledge, with better access to information, breaking down barriers, deconstructing myths. and dialoguing with the citizens ».


Recruitment Portal


Regarding the Recruitment Portal, the Minister stressed the importance of clear communication and a unique platform where young people can obtain the information they are looking for in an intuitive way.


"It is an urgent and important tool" because it helps us "to resolve the discrepancies of perception of these young people, between the information received before the admission and the professional reality they find," he said.



João Gomes Cravinho also highlighted the fact that these two new portals were developed "with the valuable human resources available to the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense." 

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