Digia Plc in agreement to acquire Nokia’s Qt commercial licensing and services business

Digia Plc. has signed an agreement with Nokia to acquire the Qt commercial licensing and services business, announced Digia Monday. Under the acquisition agreement, around 3500 desktop and embedded customer companies from various industries are to be transferred to Digia. The transaction is expected to be closed by the end of March 2011.

However, Nokia will continue to invest in future development of Qt for the benefit of all users, both Commercial and LGPL.  Under the terms of the transaction, the commercial licensing and service operations business is to be run by Digia, with existing and new commercial customers, who will benefit from the continuity of development of desktop and embedded Qt functionality and new service models.

Harri Paani, Digia Senior Vice President, said the move extends Digia’s Qt business to serve its new customers. Building on Digia’s in-depth Qt expertise and experience from demanding mission critical solutions, the firm will offer world-class commercial licensing and support services to Qt Commercial customers, said Paani. Paani further said Digia will work towards driving further the evolution of Qt by bringing in new features and services.

Building on Digia's leading Qt expertise, this acquisition further accelerates Digia's direction towards international, product based business and significantly widens Digia's Qt customer base. To further strengthen its global presence, Digia will establish subsidiaries in USA and Norway as part of the transaction, stated the announcement.

Sebastian Nyström, Vice President, Head of MeeGo, Qt and Webkit at Nokia said Qt continues to be an important technology for Nokia and it is critical that Qt's growth and success can continue.

Digia has proven in-depth Qt expertise, operational excellence and a keen interest in growing and improving the overall Qt community and so well positioned to expand the Qt Commercial licensing and services business, Nyström said.

While Nokia will continue to invest in developing Qt as a cross-platform framework for mobile, desktop and embedded segments, focusing on open source development and expansion, the firm wanted a partner who can drive the commercial licensing and services business around Qt, said the press release.

Digia's additional investment in Qt Commercial licensing and services business on top of Nokia's significant Qt development work creates a solid foundation and additional boost for creating business solutions with Qt, and opportunity for customers to benefit from Digia services.

The commercial customers represent a broad range of industries, e.g. consumer electronics, finance, aviation, energy, defense and media.

7th March 2011

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