EU antitrust regulator approves joint venture between U.S. chemical giant DuPont and Dutch company Royal DSM

The European Union’s competition watchdog Monday approved the proposed joint venture between US based chemical major DuPont and Dutch firm Royal DSM. The EU’s antitrust regulator gave the investment a go ahead, and the two firms will manufacture and commercialize advanced surgical biomedical materials. The joint venture investment was first announced late last year.

DuPont and DSM entered an agreement in September last year to form a joint venture to develop, manufacture and commercialize advanced surgical biomedical materials. The newly-established joint venture was named Actamax Surgical Materials, in which DuPont and DSM would each share a 50 per cent interest.

In its findings, the European Commission concluded that the transaction would not alter the competitive landscape as the joint venture would be active in a market different from those of its parents. DSM is engaged in the research, development, production, distribution and sale of nutritional and pharmaceutical products, performance materials, polymer intermediates, and base chemicals and materials.

DuPont is active in the development, research, production and sale of chemical products, plastics, agro-chemicals, paints, seed, and other material. Actamax, headquartered in the U.S., would develop and commercialize advanced biocompatible surgical materials.

The JV will address the market for surgical sealants, adhesion barriers and tissue adhesives — a large and underserved market of more than 100 million annual surgical procedures worldwide.  The outcome of many surgical procedures could be positively impacted using next-generation materials under development by the JV.

Actamax Surgical Materials LLC will build a comprehensive biomedical product portfolio based on several patent-protected biodegradable hydrogel technologies. The early technology development was completed using DuPont materials science and biotechnology capabilities. Commercialization will rely on the medical polymer processing and manufacturing capabilities of DSM.

John Ranieri, vice president – DuPont Applied BioSciences, had earlier noted that the JV stands to offer physicians and patients improved outcomes of surgery that will prevent post-operative complications while reducing health care costs. 

Actamax will deliver a number of science-based innovations that can be optimized for different surgical situations and clinical needs.  The success DSM has had in the biomedical materials market makes them an ideal strategic partner for us to commercialize our technology portfolio.

Actamax Surgical Materials LLC is the newest offering from the DuPont Applied BioSciences (ABS) portfolio. ABS creates new disruptive technologies for large addressable markets utilizing biotechnology and other scientific tools.  DuPont has launched several new ventures from the ABS business.

1 Mar 2011.

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