EU maritime strategy in the Atlantic spurs € 6 billion of investments in environmental protection, innovation, connectivity and social inclusion

 Halfway through the implementation of the  EU's action plan for a maritime strategy in the Atlantic , an  independent study  finds more than € 6 billion of investments so far. Most projects target environmental protection and innovation, as well as connectivity and social inclusion. Examples include the development of marine renewable energy in France or port facilities in Spain and Ireland, improved tourism infrastructure in Wales, and more. A number of projects financed by the EU's action plan helps the clean energy transition, as well as the Juncker Commission 'Clean Energy for all Europeans', and contributing to the creation of the Energy Union . Karmenu Vella , Commissioner responsible for the environment, maritime affairs and fisheries, said:  "Identifying investment priorities with the involvement of regions and business can help  generate sustainable growth in our coastal areas and drive forward the blue economy. With the map action the community of stakeholders in the Atlantic Ocean area HAS grown stronger and better at raising funds for marine and maritime projects " . The Atlantic Maritime Action Plan was launched in 2013 to boost the maritime economy of its Atlantic States, (Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland), and their outermost regions and funding from the EU (such as from the European Regional Development Fund, Horizon2020), the European Investment Bank, national and regional sources. By mid-2017, hundreds of initiatives had been launched and funded. The European Commission will use the results of the independent study - and of the  public consultation That Was Held last year - to work with Member States to further Top Improve the plane's performance entre now and 2020. More information  here .


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