EU support will continue to implement the project "Latvian Roma Platform"

In order to promote co-operation and dialogue between the Roma, representatives of local governments, sectoral ministries and their institutions, as well as social partners in Latvia, the Government, at the meeting of the Ministry of Culture (KM) on July 9, decided to continue the project “Latvian Roma Platform” and providing the necessary co-financing.

The project aims to support mutual learning and exchange of best practice in key areas for Roma integration at local and regional level and to promote the participation and effective involvement of Roma civil society actors in the implementation of Roma integration policies.

In order to promote integration processes at the local level, the project envisages continuing to support the practice of Roma mediators in local governments in Latvia, which helps to create a better dialogue between socially disadvantaged Roma families and municipal institutions.

Particular emphasis is placed on supporting Roma young people and women in the European Union project.

It will organize a two-day seminar to strengthen the capacity of Roma women and promote participation, in cooperation with the Latvian Network of Women's NGOs and the non-governmental organization of Lithuanian Roma women in Latvia. In turn, in order to promote the participation of Roma young people, the good practice of previous years will be squandered - in cooperation with the Youth International Program Agency, a practical workshop “Sare Kheten 2020” (from the Roma language “All together”) will also be organized, with the active Roma youth from Estonia and Lithuania.

Public understanding plays an important role in successful integration, therefore the project aims to strengthen the understanding of peers and politicians about the culture, history and social situation of Latvian Roma.

The objectives of the project and the measures to be taken to achieve them are defined in discussions with experts involved in the implementation of Roma integration policy and representatives of Roma civil society and activists.

The project will be implemented from 1 August to 31 July 2020. It is planned to involve 122 representatives of public administration in its implementation, incl. 73 local government experts, 49 representatives of ministries and their institutions, members of the Saeima, as well as 90 Roma representatives, 17 representatives from non-governmental organizations, 15 experts and Roma from other EU member states, and around 50 broader publics.

The total financial envelope of the project is EUR 64 999 - European Commission funding is EUR 61 749 and the national budget co-financing is EUR 3250.

The European Commission has already approved this project, thus ensuring the further development of the Latvian Roma platform established in 2016. The Latvian Roma Platform serves as a mechanism for supporting the coordination and implementation of Latvian Roma integration policy at local and international level.

More information about the Latvian Roma Platform and the results achieved so far in the project - HERE .

* Informative report “On implementation of the project“ Latvian Roma Platform IV ”within the framework of the European Union Program“ Rights, Equality and Citizenship 2014 - 2020 ”.



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