Finance Minister Orphanage: Sote, tax reform, transparency essential

 The Ministry of Finance held on Friday, March 10 roundtable tax return on the impact of health care reform, and social. Discussion attended by officials, practitioners and the media.

"Sote reform is a huge overall, which also affects taxes. The purpose of the competition is the addition of shortening queues, to bring efficiency and improve quality. I think we need both public producers, businesses and the third sector. The legislation is recorded enhance the transparency of regulations, so that they can see where the company pays their taxes. I am convinced that social responsibility is the future for companies a significant competitive advantage, "said Finance Minister Peter Orphanage at the beginning of the event.

In fact, social welfare and has several ongoing projects related to the fight against international verovälttelyn In addition to the general laws of health-related reform. According to the minister, as well as the OECD and EU projects are progressing, and, for example, the OECD multilateral agreement beps the project to be completed for the summer.

"It must be remembered that the fight against the gray economy is not the same as the development of tax legislation. Under the gray economy and economic criminality must be zero tolerance, but they are not related to responsible business operation in any way, "the minister emphasized.

Minister of orphan hopes to debate social and health care-reform continue to be brisk.

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