Government inaugurates five more Health Units

Prime Minister António Costa and the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, participated in the inauguration of five more Health Units that will serve a population of half a million inhabitants in the municipalities of Amadora and Sintra.

The inaugurations of the Almargem do Bispo, Agualva, Sintra, Venteira (Amadora) and Águas Livres (Amadora) units come a week after the government reached the goal of creating 100 Family Health Units in Bombarral during the legislature .

The Prime Minister pointed out that "between ongoing or completed works, we have 100 more new interventions in health centers", adding also the objective of providing all Portuguese with a family doctor.

'The competition is still open, there are many doctors competing and the final result will be seen. If we can fill all the funds, we will have 97% of the Portuguese with family doctors assured, "he added, noting that" the remaining 3% will be quickly resolved at the beginning of the next legislature. "

«Thousands of people will benefit from these new equipment. We invested in better facilities and opened competitions for more doctors, especially family doctors, ”reiterated António Costa.

António Costa also stressed that "the new Health Foundation Law celebrates in a proper way the 40 years of the National Health Service (NHS) and will also modernize the NHS, defining primary health care as the fundamental basis."

'This new legislation draws a very clear line for the phasing out of moderate rates in health centers and prescriptions made from health centers. Instead of running to the emergency room of the hospital, we should make a habit of going to the regular appointment even without being sick, ”he said.


National Health Service for the future


Prime Minister António Costa also stressed that primary health care units and their professionals help build the “promising future” of the National Health Service.

"The real foundations of the National Health Service are really these primary care units," he added.

António Costa stressed that it is “essential to continue this reform of primary care, ensuring access to all family doctors, ensuring opportunities to diversify the provision of health care here in these units, allowing to put here also complementary means of diagnosis, so that health care can be ever closer to people, and people farther from hospital units'.

Investing in health facilities ensures respect for 'users who obviously have the right to demand to be accommodated in affordable, quality facilities where they can have good medical care, good health care, good nursing care'. and also to the professionals of the National Health Service.

Health Units inaugurated

The Almargem do Bispo Health Unit, Sintra, will have 121 registered users and has five consultation offices, two nursing offices, two treatment rooms, one vaccination office and several internal rooms. The project represented an investment of 725 thousand euros.

The new building of the Agualva Personalized Health Care Unit has 26222 users registered and consists of two family health units and a health center, in a three-floor infrastructure, 21 consultation offices, six nursing offices, four treatment rooms and an office. of Oral Health.

The Sintra Health Unit started operations on 27 June 2019 and represented an investment of 846 thousand euros, financed by the municipality and supported by 50% of the Lisbon 2020 Operational Program.


The two health units inaugurated in Amadora (Venteira and Águas Livres) represent 2814 renovated square meters, serve 45600 users and allow the use of 38 offices, 14 doctors, 17 nurses and 10 technical assistants. The construction represented an investment of 2.6 million euros.



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