Government's Priority Is Making Economic Environment As Business-Friendly As Possible

 “The Maltese government has taken the challenge and is giving special priority to make the economic environment as business-friendly as possible,” said Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna whilst addressing an SME conference organised by the Malta Stock Exchange in collaboration with the World Federation of Exchanges.

Prof. Scicluna said that Government can achieve this through less bureaucracy and red tape, especially in the area of public procurement and the courts.                                                                 

He stated that a large number of businesses have chosen to locate and invest in Malta, and have done so for various reasons, including Malta’s pro-business attitude, the professional services available, the infrastructure, and skilled human resources.

Prof. Scicluna said he was proud of Malta’s good track record both in the banking and financial services sectors. He praised the level of vibrancy within the Exchange, saying it was remarkable, with the recent launch of two new markets—the Institutional Financial Securities Market and Prospects MTF.

Both of these markets complement the Regulated Main Market, creating exciting new opportunities for business development for the Maltese as well as international markets.

Prof. Scicluna emphasised the word ‘sustainability’ when talking about economic and financial success, saying that family-run businesses face increasing competition in the global marketplace.

However, he also stressed the importance of maintaining corporate governance standards including transparency, integrity, and honesty so that at the end of the day, everyone benefits from the success that Malta has achieved.

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