Hamburger Hochbahn AG in a loan funding deal with European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Hamburger Hochbahn AG signed a €160 million framework loan agreement for the acquisition of new trains and buses for the Hamburg transport operator. Hamburger Hochbahn AG will use the funding to renew and expand its fleet of trains and buses.

Under the framework, the funding will include plans in the medium term for investment in new rolling stock for the metro and in standard and articulated buses for Hamburg’s local transport network.

Dr Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen, EIB Vice-President said the project is targeted at achieving a sustainable and environmentally friendly municipal transport system in Hamburg, one of EIB’s priorities. As such, Kollatz-Ahnen noted that the investment marks a considerable contribution to the Hamburg municipal, coming as part of the firm’s support program.

Commenting on the investment, Helmut König, Hamburger Hochbahn AG’s Financial Director said the framework loan agreement and the long-term finance it provides will enable the firm renew and further expand its environmentally friendly, modern and comfortable fleet of trains and buses in the foreseeable future.

Hamburger Hochbahn AG transports over a million passengers daily on its underground trains and buses. It is the Hamburg Transport Association’s largest operator and, with its staff of over 4400, provides around 55% of the bus and high-speed rail services in the City of Hamburg.

The European Investment Bank is the European Union’s long-term financing institution and its remit is to further the EU’s objectives by providing long-term finance for viable projects. EIB supports the EU’s priority objectives, especially European integration and the development of economically weak regions.

Recently, the Bank has also been actively supporting European R&D projects as part of EU's objective of building the world's leading knowledge-based economy. The EIB is currently also active in 150 countries outside of the EU -- non-EU South-Eastern European countries, Mediterranean partner countries, ACP countries, Asian and Latin American countries, Russia and other eastern neighbors of the EU.

According to the EIB, in these countries, the institution works to implement the financial pillar of the union's external cooperation and development policies: private sector development, infrastructure development, security of energy supply, environmental sustainability. The EIB is an international financial institution, a publicly owned bank.

Hamburger Hochbahn AG or HHA is a company operating the underground system and large parts of the bus system in Hamburg, Germany, founded in 1911 and headquartered in Hamburg.

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