Hansel serves the entire public administration in procurement

As of the beginning of September, the expertise in public procurement has been consolidated into one company. In the future, all joint public procurement will be handled from Hansel, where KL-Municipal procurement experts have been transferred. Hansel's tendering and procurement development services will also gradually be made available to the entire customer base.

"The arrangement aims to develop knowledge of public procurement in Finland. After the merger, it is possible to combine, especially in standardized procurement purchase volumes larger entity, and on the other hand to take care of the local new acquisitions so that even small operators it is possible to get involved in. This will improve and streamline procurement and also saves tax dollars," said Minister Sirpa Paatero .

Hansel Oy is owned by the Ministry of Finance (65%) and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (35%) as of 2 September 2019. As a result of the ownership and merger, KL-Kuntahahoitus's personnel will be transferred to Hansel as existing employees. 

Better public procurement

Strategic management of procurement and improvement of procurement know-how are strongly featured in, among other things, the Government Program. There is also a need for better information on how tax euros are used to support procurement organization and decision-making. 

"It is great that this change will enable the experts of the two companies to combine their experience and develop better ways of working together," says Anssi Pihkala, CEO of Hansel .

In addition to product expertise, a professionally sourced purchasing operation requires an in-depth knowledge of procurement law, customer needs and the market. The tendering process for joint procurement also focuses on responsible procurement and promoting innovation.

The joint purchasing entity promotes competition

The greatest efficiency gains and savings in joint purchasing are achieved through the purchase of high volume products and services that can be standardized. The merger of the two joint purchasing entities will allow for a more consistent approach to tendering, which will make it easier for all companies, including small ones, to take part in public tenders.

The functioning of the market is promoted through joint procurement, for example by regionally distributing it to several suppliers of goods and services in order to maximize competition. Contracts are still being tendered locally.




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