The High Level Group on Competitiveness and Growth will discuss sustainable growth in Helsinki

The EU High Level Group on Competitiveness and Growth will meet in Helsinki on 8-9 September 2009. The Working Party will discuss sustainable growth in the EU with the aim of preparing a Competitiveness Council message to the new Commission on the key elements of sustainable growth. The meeting will also pave the way for a Ministerial Competitiveness Council to be held at the end of September.

The long-term goal of the Finnish EU Presidency is to make the EU the most competitive and socially coherent climate-neutral economy in the world. Climate change, accelerating technological development and international competition are challenging Europe. The EU needs a comprehensive, ambitious and forward-looking growth agenda in order to be competitive on the international market and to ensure ecologically and socially sustainable economic growth.  

The Finnish Presidency considers it important for the EU's sustainable growth and competitiveness to promote the functioning of the internal market and the transition to a climate-neutral economy. Sustainable growth also requires investments in digital solutions and modern industrial policy based on research and innovation. The goal should be to set Europe's global leadership in the digital economy. The EU must pursue an active trade policy based on transparency and the promotion of a rule-based multilateral trading system and free trade. In addition, more flexible and work-oriented solutions are needed to modernize and develop the skills of the European workforce in order to meet the needs of the digital age at all sectors and levels.

- On Monday, we are talking to colleagues about the 'main product' of the Finnish Presidency in the area of ​​competitiveness and growth, the so-called Agenda for Sustainable Growth. Our idea is to build on this debate and the subsequent ministerial debate to form a common understanding among Member States of what policy action over the next five years could best promote sustainable growth in Europe, ”says Janne Känkänen , Chair of the Working Group, Director of EU and International Affairs .

Känkänen will chair the working group throughout the trio of Romania, Finland and Croatia. The informal meeting in Helsinki is already the fifth meeting chaired by Finland. Already at its previous spring meetings, a working group of high-level officials from the Ministries of Economics of the Member States, meeting with Känkänen, has addressed key elements of sustainable growth, with the aim of laying the foundations for future EU policy priorities in growth and competitiveness.




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