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London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. It is one of the most important financial centers of the world and the largest urban zone of the European Union. It is the major financial center also for international business and commerce. It is also the 5th largest city economy in the entire world after cities such as Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The important thing which has made London one of best financial centers of the world is its excellent infrastructure. London has a good electric supply, telecommunications and transport infrastructure. It has a good network of airways, waterways and railways which connect it to other parts of the world. The port of London is one of the largest ports in the entire world and handles a cargo of mammoth 50 million tones.

Apart from an excellent infrastructure, London is also blessed with a younger labor force which contributes towards increasing the productivity of the city.


London contributes as many as 20% of the UK’s GDP. London is home to 480 overseas banks which makes it one of the largest financial centres in the world. It headquarters more than 100 of 500 largest companies in Europe. It is also the most visited city in the entire world for business purposes. By hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, the city would become the only city to host these games for three times. More than 300 languages are spoken within the boundaries of London.


Due to its open economic policies, London suffered heavily during the economic crisis of 2009. However, it is recovering speedily, thanks to the growth in its real estate and construction sector. Thus, there is going to be a lot of positive trend prevailing in the London Economy.

Market Size:

Being the largest city in the United Kingdom, London is one of the biggest markets in the entire European Union. The population of London’s metropolitan area alone stands approximately at 12-14 million, which itself shows how big the market size of London would be. This is in fact the largest in the European Union.

Growth figures and FDI figures:

London has the largest city Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Europe. As far as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is concerned, London alone accounted for 22.7% of all the new foreign investment projects in UK. The majority of the foreign investment in London was made in the non-manufacturing sector which accounted for as much as 32% of the total new foreign investment projects. This fact really shows that London has been largely successful in attracting foreign investment especially in the service sector.

Key investment areas to invest in London:

One of the key areas worth investing in London is in the manufacturing of green products. Apart from this, there are also lots of opportunities for investors to invest in the largest sector of London, financial exports. There also lots of opportunities in media and professional services which is considered to be the second largest sector in London. In addition, investors would also like to make the most out of the Olympic Games that are scheduled to take place in London in 2012. There are going to be lots of opportunities for investors of all sizes and shapes to invest in London in sectors such as construction to food industry.

FDI/Investment policy followed in London:

The local government of London has adopted an investor friendly policy. The government has also set up an agency known as the London Development Agency which provides all the necessary help to investors about investing in London. This agency has developed several programmes to promote foreign investment in the city. Apart from this, there are also other agencies such as ‘Think London’ which continues to promote London as a place to invest and assist investors with the entire essential infrastructure to develop a business in the city.

Special Incentives offered by government to investors:

London offers lots of incentives to foreign investors who wish to invest in London. The UK trade and investment agency which is established by the UK government to assist investors with their decisions of investing in London sees that investors get all the tax incentives and tax benefits that are applied to the whole of the United Kingdom. The UK tax policy is in fact benign for foreign investors and hence many investors are attracted to invest in cities such as London.


To promote foreign investment in London, the government of London has established an agency known as the London Development Agency or LDA. This agency works with the Mayor of London to further the regeneration and economic development of London through means of encouraging investment and competitiveness and business efficiency of London. The agency also contributes towards developing and enhancing the skills of the local people and is also playing a huge role in taking London towards a path of sustainable development. For information about the London development agency visit

A massive infrastructure, a positive growth trend in the future, an international event, investor-friendly local government and investment policy, all these features really make London one of the most preferred destinations to invest in the entire European Union especially for investors who want to manage their wealth internationally. So if you want to expand your business across borders then you will not find a better place than one of the financial hubs of the world, London.


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