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Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain is a key country member of the European Union.  Spain is located on the south west of European Continent on the Iberian Peninsula. The mainland of Spain is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on the east and south coast. Spain shares in boundary with France and Andorra in the North and it shares its border with Portugal on the west. Traditionally, Spain is known for its historical and cultural heritage. The country has a rich cultural significance since several foreign cultures has had its influence in the Spanish land through out its history. The Spanish culture largely owes its origin in the Islamic, Latin, Roman Catholic and Iberian cultures. 

The mainland of Spain is spread over 505,000 and it is one of the largest countries in the European Union. It is the second largest country in the Western Europe. The capital city of Spain is Madrid, other important countries in Spain includes Valencia, Seville and Barcelona. More than 41 million (approx) inhabitants reside in the country, making it the fifth most populated country in the European Union.


From the Economic view point Spain is a major player not only in the European Union but also at the Global stage. Spain’s economy is the ninth largest in the world and it ranks amongst the top 5 countries with huge economies in the European Union. Spain also is responsible for creating more than half of the new employment opportunities created in the European Union countries. Investing in starting a business in Spain, foreign investors can target reaching out and catering to the 44.7 million resident customers; foreign investors can take advantage of this huge market base. Foreign investors can also benefit from the Spanish governments aggressive foreign investment policies. It provides foreign investors free access to the modern infrastructure facilities. The foreign investors can also take advantage of the strategic geographic location of Spain, by having a well-planned and executed business plan foreign investor can easily embed into other markets within the European Union.

Growth figures and FDI:

Recently, the Economy of Spain has grown tremendously and it has become one of the most dynamic economies in the European Union. The Spanish government has adopted ambitious economic plans to make Spain a Global economic power house and attract foreign investment. Today, Spain has a huge GDP (Gross Domestic Product) that represents over € 980 billion (approx) and a Per capita GDP of $27, 914, which is higher than several European Countries. The Spanish economy is fast catching up the traditional super powers such as UK, US, Germany and Japan.


Over the past few years the economy of Spain has been growing consistently at about 4% per year. The growth rate is a substantial figure as compared to other economies in the European Union. Being a part of the Eurozone Spain has a very stable international currency; it is of the first countries that adopted use of Euros. The inflation rate in Spain remains as low as 3%, it has lowest inflation rates in the European Union. All these factors represent one of the most fertile environments for attracting foreign investors.

Key Investment Sectors in Spain:

The major contributing sector to the Spanish economy is the farming and agricultural sector however, recently the manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, technology and telecommunication) industry is also growing rapidly and is contributing towards to the Spanish economy. The service sectors including tourism and construction also constitute the pillars of the Spanish economy. Other important industries include clothing and footwear, manufacturing medical and construction equipments. Spain has a diverse and sophisticated market with plenty of opportunities for almost all the product selling in the European Union (EU) Nations.

Spain provides myriad of opportunities to foreign investors to invest in diverse sectors. In the current situation Spain offers very lucrative investment opportunities in the following sectors that promise tremendous growth potential.


Spain is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the pleasant climate, the picturesque scenic valley; beautiful beaches attract huge tourism from around the globe. There are plenty of tourism related business opportunities for foreign investors. Foreign investors can invest in buying properties and making it available to tourists for accommodation purposes. Foreign investors can invest in building or buying hotels, cheap motels, luxurious beach side villas and B&B (Bed and Breakfast) facilities and rent it out to visiting tourists.

Real Estate:

In recent times, Spain has witnessed a rapid rise in the number of immigrants to the country, especially for the northern European countries. The health economy and the attractive life style of Spain have attracted immigrants. The influx of these huge immigrants and opened up new business avenues for foreign investors. Foreign investors can invest to cater to the needs of the foreigners by providing residential facilities, English Supermarkets, bedding shops, English bookstores, computer repair shops etc.

Food and Cuisine:

This is another tourism related business opportunity for foreign investors. Spain is known for its exotic cuisine. There are plenty of top notch restaurants in Spain that serves delicacies from around the world. Spanish people are avid food lovers and this opens up new business opportunities for foreign investors to invest in opening restaurants that serve both food and alcoholic beverages.
Besides these above mentioned business sectors foreign investors can also consider in investing in: business ventures in these sectors:

•    Aeronautics
•    Environment and water treatment
•    Renewable Energy Sources
•    Logistics
•    Biotechnology
•    Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences
•    ICT

Incentives granted by Spanish government to foreign investors:

Some of the incentives offered by the Spanish government some of these include financial subsidies, tax exemptions, and real estate grants and so on.

Spain, is a world-class destination for investment, investors can be rest assured to earn valuable returns on their capital.


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