J. Pūce: In order to spend public money more efficiently, the development of the State Information Systems should be managed in a unified environment

Continuing to improve the management of state information and communication technologies, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRD) has prepared amendments to the State Information Systems Law to implement the State Information Resources, System and Interoperability Information System (VIRSIS).

This system will collect data on data processed in the national information systems in a centralized register and in a new quality. These amendments provide for the introduction of the VIRSIS system, which will allow the state to manage the single state information system space in a new capacity, providing aggregated information on where the national data on population, enterprises, infrastructure and environment are available.

The introduction of the new system will prevent duplication of information processing in national information systems and reduce the circulation of printed information in public administration.

The VIRSIS will facilitate the introduction of the 'one time' information principle, which has become a good management practice, and the introduction of this system will prevent cases where additional information that is already in the possession of the state or local authorities is required by the public. .

Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Juris Pūce (AP!): “At a time when data on citizens, businesses and infrastructure are stored and recorded electronically, it is essential to make full use of them when providing public services. I am convinced that the proposed improvement of the national information systems accounting and management system will ensure greater transparency and efficiency by avoiding duplication of information and inefficient use of resources. For any citizen and institution, this system will provide information about the data available to the state, save time and work more efficiently by putting data-based public administration into practice. ”

The VIRSIS will also improve the information flow on the technological resources and services necessary for the operation of the state information system. Improving the accounting of information resources will make it possible to further implement the open data policy and implementation of the Data-Based Society Plan, thus strengthening Latvia's progress towards achieving the goals of the information society and digital transformation policy.

The bill was approved today by the Cabinet of Ministers after which it will be referred to the Saeima for consideration.



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