Kuntainfo: The basic part of the income support will be increased in 2018

 The basic amount of social assistance support for 2018 has been fixed. As of January 1, 2018, the basic part of a single resident is EUR 491.21 per month. The basic amount paid to the single parent is EUR 540.33 per month.

According to the Income Support Act, the amounts of the basic subsistence allowance are revised annually on the basis of the National Pension Index (Section 9 a of the Housing Act). This year's earnings-related benefits for the National Pensions Index were not indexed, but the basic part of the income support is increased. An increase in the basic amount ensures that the level of the base element is not frozen. The basic part will be raised in line with the standard increase imposed by the statutory legislation.

The proposed changes are part of the government budget implementation for the years 2018-2021.

The client will apply for basic income support from Kela. Instead, the municipality is still responsible for complementary income support and preventive subsistence support and related social work.

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