Logistics Single Window aims to increase port efficiency

The Government approved, in the Council of Ministers of September 19, the diploma that establishes the operation of the Single Logistics Window (JUL), a communication platform that dematerializes procedures, reducing administrative costs of ships entering ports.


"The creation of the JUL aims to increase the efficiency of supply chains" as well as economies of scale between ports and their users, says the statement of the Council of Ministers.


It adds: 'Simplifying, harmonizing and dematerializing procedures, maximizing the use of national freight infrastructure, enhancing intermodality and the use of more environmentally sustainable transport and serving as a technological platform to support the dry port' are other objectives. from JUL.




The Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, said in March that she expects that "by the end of 2019 the system may be operating at the five main ports", after which the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores would follow. and the secondary ports.


JUL results from the evolution of the Single Port Window, being a tool for managing the informational flows of the entire logistics chain that simplifies and dematerializes the procedures in this type of infrastructure.


The statute approved by the Government transposes into European legislation the European Directive on the formalities required of ships arriving in or departing from the ports of the Member States.



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