Markus Sovala appointed as Economic Policy Coordinator

The Government has appointed Dr Markus Sovala, PhD, as the Economic Policy Coordinator at the Ministry of Finance. Sovala will transfer from the position of the Director of Change from the Uusimaa Regional Council.

“It's nice to be back in the ministry after almost a three-year break. Many things are familiar to me, but for me the new government and government program are jumping on the moving train. One of my duties is to promote cooperation within the ministry, and I am highly motivated, "says Sovala.

Previously, Sovala has worked in the Ministry of Finance as Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department of the National Economy, Advisor to the World Bank, Program Director in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Special Adviser in the Prime Minister's Office and researcher.

The role of the Economic Coordinator is to develop and coordinate the preparation of the Economic Co-ordination Department for Economic Affairs, Budget and Tax Affairs and the Public Finances of Stability within the Department of Public Administration as Assistant Secretary of State.

The Government decided on the appointment on Thursday, 5 September. Sovala was appointed Economic Coordinator for a term of five years, with effect from 23 September.




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