Piemonte Agency

Piemonte is in the heart of north-west Italy - a macro-region that represents over 32% of Italy's GDP, 41% of exports and 50% of imports - in a strategic position between northern Europe and the Mediterranean basin, ensuring high accessibility of goods and people, at the crossroads of Europe's two vital development axes.

As the top Italian region for private investment in Research and Development, Piemonte offers a blend of competencies and industries: automotive, design, robotics, information and communication technology, aerospace, agriculture and food processing, textiles, tourism, cinema, multimedia and emerging clusters such as bio and nano-technologies, intelligent transportation system and renewable energy.

Piemonte Region supports with dedicated financial measures the Innovation Hubs, constituted by groups of companies active within a specific technological field and their own managing authority. Flexible and high-quality Human Resources can meet increasingly advanced skills needs at competitive costs.

As the host to the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Piemonte is a rising centre of tourism thanks to its increasing appeal with its range of culture, sport, wine and food.

Piemonte also offers an excellent quality of life, as is proven by the many foreign companies that have chosen it to expand their operations. It is an extremely welcoming and promising region for Italian and foreign investors, with a solid economy in all sectors, as dynamic in service industries as it is in manufacturing.

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