Portugal launches UNESCO Center to stimulate PALOP teachers and researchers training

The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, attended the launching ceremony of the LP Center: a Category 2 Unesco Center, in collaboration with Portuguese-speaking Countries and the Engineering Schools Consortium and the Agricultural Sciences to stimulate the training of teachers and researchers from Portuguese-speaking African Countries.


"It is an important step in the relationship between Portugal and the PALOP: to stimulate the training of more teachers and researchers," said the minister at the ceremony in Lisbon, adding that this center "also aims to provide scientific institutions, because scientific cooperation has to be done in two ways. '


Portugal "has an increasing capacity to train African researchers and teachers" but Manuel Heitor also underlined the social and moral responsibility of "helping to empower institutions in Africa.


"The program aims to support 40 PhD scholarships and four researchers, in an effort of 750 thousand euros per year which, cumulatively after five years, represents 3.5 million euros for this dual function of forming and capacitating scientific institutions", said Manuel Heitor.


Engineering and agrarian sciences will be the first areas to benefit from this program, followed by biodiversity and climate change.



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