Prime Minister Caster: The European Union should capitalize on the benefits of technological progress

 Brussels, 10 March 2017 - Today, in the European Union's 27 head of an informal meeting with the preparation of the Treaties of Rome 60th anniversary celebrations. Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, said before the meeting that the future of Europe should be looking to pay more attention to our jobs and lifestyles muutvaletehnoloogilisele development, which is one of the main challenges for the next decade. 

According Ratas keep digital solutions to save time and money, and will directly affect people's daily welfare. "It is estimated that saves Estonia annually around 2% of GDP, thanks to the digital signature use. E-residency has raised Estonia's reputation abroad, and helped establish 1,300 new enterprises. Digital Recipe and e-health solutions in turn make the health sector more user friendly," said Caster examples.

"Estonia and Finland has transboundary digital services in the field of significant progress and our good cooperation will continue. We need to think about further enlarge and expand common digital solutions across Europe. I am convinced that, for example, digital signatures are able to take advantage of all the European Union Member States and their people," said the prime minister.

"Europe must take a leading role in the technological development of people to work on the assembly. Trying barrier for digital as well as physical connectedness toward the entire European Union's interest, since economic growth depends on the movement of goods, services, people, capital and free movement of knowledge. It is therefore requested that the free movement of data is added to the European Union Fifth, the fundamental freedom, "the Prime Minister stressed the puck.

The Prime Minister said that Estonia supports the EU's common values ​​- freedom, peace, tolerance and solidarity. "We do not want anyone to live encapsulated, split and protectionist Europe, and therefore we must jointly stand for these values," said Caster.

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