Prime Minister meets with Japanese parliamentarians

 Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis met with Hirofumi Nakasone, chairman of the Latvian-Japanese Parliamentary Cooperation Group, on Thursday, December 7, in Tokyo.

Latvia and Japan agree on the political issues affecting cooperation in international organizations, and also have great potential for mutual economic cooperation.

Mr Kuchinsky stressed that he had arrived in Japan with a delegation of businessmen from Latvia, most of whom are representatives of companies working in the field of introduction of new technologies. During the conversation, both sides pointed to the need to cooperate in higher education as well as in the field of science, thus promoting the development of new products and new technologies. 
Mr Kucinskis also informed the Japanese parliamentarians about the important project "Rail Baltica" in Europe, in particular the Baltic region, as well as the energy policy of the country. At the meeting from the Japanese parliamentarians, it was emphasized that Latvian ports are the central point of transport and logistics in the Baltic region, which is considered to be strategically important.

Both sides welcomed the signing of the convention on double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion, which will come into force in the near future, and which contributes to the development of economic cooperation.

The visit of M. Kuchinsky to Tokyo takes place from 5 to 9 December. During the meeting, he meets with the Prime Minister of Japan and government ministers, as well as members of the Latvian-Japanese parliamentary cooperation groups. The Prime Minister will also participate in the forums for the development of economic cooperation between the two countries, the Japan Foreign Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Financial Technology Center of Tokyo (FINOLAB). The Prime Minister will meet with several Japanese business associations and representatives of leading companies (including All Nippon Airways (ANA), Mitsui & Co).

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