Prime Minister Ratas: The new development program of Ida-Virumaa must be realistic

 Stenbock House, September 4, 2017 - Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas emphasized today that Ida-Virumaa entrepreneurs meet in a meeting with the new Ida-Viru County development program to be realistic and the formula for success lies in effective cooperation between the state, local government and the private sector. In this regard, it is important for each company to map out for itself what it can do to improve the region's economic climate. 

The delegation of businessmen discussed with the prime minister a major obstacle to the development of Ida-Viru County, namely a shortage of skilled labor. It is difficult for both professionals to enter and train in the field, as there is a lack of modern vocational training opportunities available to local businesses in the region, and the social infrastructure is not developed.

According to the entrepreneurs, foreign specialists do not want to stay in Narva, because there are no educational opportunities for their children in English, the level of health care is not comparable to that of Tallinn, and there are also few recreational opportunities. In addition, entrepreneurs would like to see more opportunities in educational institutions in Ida-Virumaa in the future, for example. chemistry, robot technology, warehousing software development and metal recycling. The support system for talented students and the establishment of a high-speed train connection with the capital must be further enhanced. 
"The road from Tallinn to Narva must not be longer than when traveling from Narva to Tallinn. The theme of the train connection is on the board of the Ministry of the Economy and Rail Baltica should not mean that we will drop investment from other projects, "Ratas said.

Companies in Ida-Viru County are ready to contribute to the development of culture, especially Estonian culture, and tourism in the region, and they see opportunities for doing so. Businessmen are also worried about the slow development of infrastructure, they would like to talk about this and expect more public interest and support. The ability of the region to receive EAS support remains low. 
At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed the wish to visit Ida-Viru County in the coming months and to bring together both Urve Palo, Enterprise and Information Technology and EAS representatives.

At the moment, the Ministry of Finance continues to develop the Ida-Viru County investment program.

The meeting was dedicated to the conference "The Future of Narva and Narva Region", which will take place in Narva on September 28.

At the meeting with the prime minister, participated: Jekaterina Vimberg (Nevotex Narva OÜ), Valeri Lavrov (Aquaphor), Filipp Dolzhkov (Noorus), Yuri Barkov (Vant AS), Yevgeni Fjodorov (Cultural Center Geneva and Narva Hotel), Aleksandr Brokk (Nakro AS), Viktor Spitsa (Narvsky Worker newspaper) 

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