Prime Minister Wheel: Elering is able to secure electricity supply even in difficult situations

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas visited Elering's emergency reserve power plants on Friday, which is of strategic importance for Estonia's security of supply.


Elering's representatives gave the Prime Minister an overview of how the electricity supply of the Estonian population is ensured in conditions where electricity production in Narva is decreasing due to the high CO2 emission quotas and Estonia's electricity supply is more based on cross-border connections and the Nordic power plants located behind it. Yesterday, the government decided to set up a climate and energy committee to map out options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and securing energy supplies.

According to Race, security of supply as a vital service must be guaranteed to consumers at all times. “The electricity system needs emergency reserves to ensure that the system works smoothly in case of malfunctions and that Elering's reserve stations also ensure security of supply in crisis situations. As a system operator, Elering is responsible for ensuring Estonia's security of supply, and it exemplifies this task exemplary, preparing for the Estonian electricity system also in case of unlikely scenarios, ”he said.

According to Elering's Chairman of the Board Taavi Veskimägi, Elering's reserve stations are a good example of fast-start power plants. The stations in Kiisa are able to reach full capacity in less than 10 minutes. “The analysis of Elering's security of supply in 2019 shows that the combined power and interconnection capacity of Estonian consumers is guaranteed at least until 2025, and in the case of unlikely crisis scenarios, the ability of the electricity system to cope in difficult situations is sufficient in the next 10 years,” he said.

Elering Emergency Reserve Power Plants in Kiisa were completed in 2013 and 2014, being the first of its kind in Estonia to build an emergency reserve. These power plants are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the electrical system in the event of various failures. Stations do not participate in the electricity market - Elering's Control Center will launch them only in the event of a daily operation of a power plant or external connection.

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