Promoting relationship between African Union and European Union is a priority

Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said promoting the relationship with the African Union will be a priority during Portugal's presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2021. 
In Luana, Angola, after the official opening of the Biennial of Luanda - Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace, the Minister also stressed that the culture of peace is an essential dimension and underlined Angola's contribution to peace, stability and security throughout the Central African region. 
Santos Silva also stressed the recent free trade agreement reached in Africa, which is inspired by the European single market and which can only be achieved in a peaceful environment.
The agenda of the Foreign Minister during this two-day visit also includes a meeting with the Angolan Foreign Minister, Manuel Augusto, which aims to address, among other topics, the new regime of mobility and circulation within the Lusophone space, and economic relations. 
"The economic relationship is very strong, there is a lot of Angolan investment in sectors as important in Portugal as banking and there is also Portuguese investment in Angola, so it is a very future economic relationship," said Santos Silva. 
Portugal was one of 16 countries invited to participate in the Luanda Biennial, an initiative that runs until September 22, highlighting the theme of conflict resolution on the African continent.

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