In the province of great responsibility for food and resource sector jobs

 the multiple roles of the provincial puhututtivat of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry's organized by the provincial reform dialogues. the management of EU funding, the provinces will be significant factors in the vitality of the rural point of view.

Now, in preparation of the county reform aims to ensure that at the beginning of 2019 to begin work 18 provinces. Current ELY centers, regional offices and regional councils will be abolished. Food and functions of the natural resources sector transferred to provincial reform of the current regional administration and municipalities in the provinces of responsibility. This change of agricultural, food and environmental health administration tasks virtually eliminated one level of government. The reform applies to the whole food and natural resource sector in almost 2 000 person-years. Food and Natural Resources sector made the whole is the third largest in the provinces of social and health services, and after the rescue.

Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry organized the beginning of the year across the country five debates, which went deeper into provincial reform, food and natural resource sector point of view. Event objective was to bring about the tasks of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry of the industry and support the preparation of regional reform. 

Provinces promoters in agriculture and rural vitality

Region has a great responsibility for agriculture and rural vitality promoters. Agricultural direct EU subsidies and rural development funds and the proportion of all Finnish EU revenue in 2015 was 72 per cent.

The events came to questions concerning inter alia the exploitation of the preparation of regional strategies in the preparation of the rural development program, as well as management tasks subsidies unbundling and jääviyskysymyksistä.

Rural development tasks the division of labor between the preservation of provincial and municipal governments and concerned about these services in all areas. In particular, Kainuu, Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia conference on the need to confront human service situation and the fear that digitalization takes personal contacts with the authorities in the sparsely populated region were raised. Provinces may, however, decide independently on the extent of service point network.

Most of the environmental health tasks will be the responsibility of the province

The provinces will be responsible for tasks of the environmental health of the municipalities and regional government agencies. These include health, tobacco control, food control as well as control and veterinary services for animal health and welfare. Control of cross-compliance relating to farm subsidies in the future belongs to the province. The events took place in the food chain through the implementation of controls required by legislation and food safety, control of animal health and welfare, as well as the organization of veterinary services related to the requirements.

Concerns about the availability of veterinary services emerged from the discussions. On duty veterinarian services will continue to be organized, as well as food-producing animals and pets and hobby animals. This can be done in public and private sectors.

As substitute transferred to the provinces for treatment. Interlace will continue to be the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible, and the representative of the Ministry participated in the tour to answer questions about striping. In particular, the interleaving of financing and maintenance of the level of services to interested participants.

Fish and water management co-operation is essential to

The provinces will be responsible for all tasks in the ELY Centres of fisheries and water management. The intention is that the provinces agree to cooperate in carrying out tasks in such a way that a river basin management entities and necessary equitable service expertise is ensured in all the provinces. Event participants agreed on the importance of a smooth co-operation with municipalities and Natural Resources Centre, the Finnish Environment Institute, Metsähallitus, the Finnish Forest Centre and the Finnish Game Center, as well as other resource-sector actors

Provincial responsibility will be precautionary, risk management and rescue tasks require regional cross-border cooperation. management of the natural resource economy official tasks was considered important to ensure the independence and customers' confidence in the province in carrying out the tasks of natural resources in various roles.

with the support of the structure and functioning of regional networks in cooperation with changing organizations, the Countryside Agency, the Food Safety Agency, the Rural Network Services and the Association, organized events were intended for operating in the county reform among draftsmen and operators are the subject of reform organizations, as well as their collaborators. held in January-February, Vaasa, Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Kuopio and Tampere, events reached a total of over 750 participants.


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