Public procurement made more effective with Procurement Finland

The Ministry of Finance has set up an Action Program for Effective Public Procurement, or Procurement Finland, in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Local and Regional Authorities. The aim of the program is to promote the social impact of public procurement funds and the sustainability of public finances.

The Operational Program also seeks a broadly co-operative vision of how the Government Programme's public procurement objectives can be achieved. Prime Minister Antti Rinne's GovernmentLinkki toiselle sivustolle Program sets a number of goals for public procurement and their development , which, in its multidisciplinary sphere, is a lot about the effectiveness of procurement.

The objectives relate, among other things 

  • streamlining procurement,
  • technological development and innovation,
  • sustainable development,
  • climate objectives and environmental aspects,
  • social perspectives and social employment,
  • developing skills and disseminating best practices,
  • the position of domestic food,
  • life-cycle economy,
  • quality and responsibility; and
  • bilingualism. 

Minister for Local Government and Ownership Management Sirpa Paatero emphasizes that public procurement is an important means of implementing the government program. Currently, on average, half of the budget of public sector organizations is spent on external resources.

“With tens of billions in procurement, we can achieve all of our key goals. It should be noted that the purchase must be based on more than just the lowest price. Procurement can facilitate the employment of part-time workers, reduce public sector emissions and improve its productivity. They can also promote the enforcement of labor rights and level the playing field for responsible Finnish companies, ”says Paatero. 

Public procurement has long been developed - now the focus is on cooperation

According to Paatero, the various public sector actors have been developing public procurement for a long time. 

“I want this cooperation program to focus on cooperation between them. It will enable us to create and disseminate concrete actions that will help us achieve our common goals, ”the Minister says.

The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities also believes that co-operation will produce impressive results. 

“In cooperation with the state, we want to open a discussion in Finland on how we could provide high-quality services to residents in a cost-effective manner. Procurement plays a central role because of its volume. Volume can also contribute to other social goals, ”says Minna Karhunen, CEO of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities .

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