Punctuality in the rail network managed by Adif and Adif AV remains around 90% in the first half

• In the case of high speed, the circulations were punctual in more than 95% and in the conventional network about 90% • The average punctuality indexes in the Cercanías cores, which stood at 94.9%, also stand out

Punctuality in the rail network managed by Adif and Adif Alta Speed ​​during the first half of this year remained close to 90% and exceeded 95% in high-speed traffic. In this way, the trend of generalized improvement of the data with respect to the year 2018 is maintained. 

In long-distance services in high speed (in this case, those circulations that do not experience delays greater than 5 minutes with respect to 5 minutes are considered punctual at the scheduled time), punctuality improved from 91.2% recorded in 2018 to 94.8% in the first half of this year.

With regard to punctuality in medium distance in high speed, where the same criterion as in long distance is applied, it stood at 96.4%, also improving the data of the previous year. 

As regards long-distance traffic that runs through both the conventional and high-speed networks (the train that does not extend its route more than 10 minutes with respect to the scheduled time is considered punctual), the average punctuality is It rose to 86.3%, also exceeding the 2018 figure (82.1%). Regarding conventional medium distance services, which circulate exclusively through the conventional network, the punctuality index (with the same criteria as in the previous case) reached 92.3%, also exceeding 90% registered in 2018.

In the area of ​​Cercanías cores, punctuality reached 94.9%, which also represents an increase compared to 2018 (94.6%). In these circulations, services that do not extend more than 3 minutes are scheduled on schedule. 

In the Metric Width Network, the punctuality was 80.4 and 82.4% in the medium distance and commuter services, respectively, (in both cases the same criteria apply as in the similar circulations of the conventional network) . In the first case, these data represent an improvement over 2018, when they stood at 77.2%. In the second, the same percentage has been maintained.

In the case of merchandise services (these traffic are considered punctual when the total travel time does not extend more than 60 minutes compared to the scheduled), the average punctuality in the first half of 2019 exceeded 89%, as well as in 2018. 

Punctuality in the European Union 

According to the data contained in the working document that accompanies the Sixth Report of the Observatory on the Development of the Railway Market of the European Commission, recently published, in the field of European countries have come registering in the last few years punctuality indexes that are around, on average, 90% in the traffic of regional or local travelers.

In long-distance traffic, these indices decrease to approximately 80%. The criterion applied in both cases is that of a maximum delay of 5 minutes.



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