Relationships with services supporting mothers' employment

 Family and Primary Education Minister Annika Saarikko suggests the possibility of combining the services of child support services for mothers with small children.

Saarikko raised the issue at the opening of the Session on Tuesday 7.11. Helsinki.

"As part of the childcare services, for example, it could be a mapping of the working life of parents of children of 2 years of age. While discussing family planning, we could also discuss other life situations. And maybe even develop work-life services into the work of the clinics, "said Saarikko.

Minister Saarikko gave an example of a working practice:

"In Central Ostrobothnia, in addition to the change program for children and families, ASKEL coaching has been introduced. It is primarily aimed at housewives whose thoughts are shifted after a long and valuable home period back to work is challenging. ASKEL coaching will give participants concrete training and working life plans after intensive family events. "

The objective of working life services provided in connection with consultations would be to increase the employment rate of mothers. This would contribute to the family reform which has just begun to be prepared.

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