Rescue operations require nationwide practices across territorial boundaries

 Maintaining rescue capacity and safeguarding services in a changing operating environment require adaptation and development in the industry. According to the recent Environmental Survey, the sector needs a stronger cross-border guidance of regional rescue organizations to streamline processes and practices.

An operating environment review was conducted in October-November 2017 by interviewing experts on rescue organizations and by studying relevant background material. The report was commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior, Deloitte Consulting Oy.

In the business environment survey, the challenges of rescue operations were raised, among other things, by the occurrence of extreme weather phenomena, aging of the population, urbanization, maintaining the strength of the communist regimes and guaranteeing the safety of rescue personnel. According to interviewed experts, rescue operations must take advantage of the potential of new technology such as robotics.

The role of rescue in the provinces

The Reform of Reform is a major administrative reform for rescue operations that changes rescue and resource allocation. The interviewed experts considered it important that the rescue service would have a sufficiently strong role in the future provinces. This was best seen as rescue units being their own enterprises. Uniform national guidance is needed to find a common direction, to develop the whole rescue operation, to lobby and to increase the rescue profile in the field of internal security.

The interviewees emphasized that the rescue service is not just a province service but part of the nationwide caution chain. Also in international politics, uncertainty has increased, which challenges the emergency preparedness for crisis situations.

The operational environment of rescue operations will change significantly with the change of the surrounding society. The Ministry of the Interior therefore considers it necessary to update the description of the rescue operation environment on a regular basis. In the background, the strategy for the rescue operation is 2025, Safe and Crisis-Sustainable Finland. The operating environment review serves as a background material for various rescue development projects.


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