The Space Law provides a framework for Finland's growing space operations

 Ministry of Employment and the Economy  11.1.2018 14.01 


The Finnish law on space activities will enter into force on January 23, 2018.

- Private space activities are developing rapidly in Finland. It was therefore necessary to set a legal framework for lawfulness, security and business opportunities, says lawyer Maija Lönnqvist from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

- The Law on Space also implements the international obligations that bind Finland, Lönnqvist states.

Similar national legislation is also available from the EU countries in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France.

Space activities are subject to license under the new law. Defining the rights, responsibilities and responsibilities of operators clarifies the activities and administrative practices of the sector. State liability is constrained by providing for the liability of the operator and the state's right of recourse. The TEM should act as a licensing and supervisory authority for space operations and as a registrant for space objects.

The aim is to create a smooth licensing process to ensure that the administrative burden on businesses remains as small as possible.

"As the sector is still developing in Finland, the licensing process will be implemented through a dialogue between the licensing authority and the applicants," says Maija Lönnqvist.

Space legislation was prepared in a working group that submitted its report on 20 December 2017 to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. In addition to the Space Law, the working group prepared a law-related regulation and the law by which Finland is associated with the UN Space Registration Registration Agreement. The working group also prepared a proposal for measures relating to registration and authorization procedures for space objects and guidelines for the assessment of space activities.


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