The state wants to create over 1,000 public employment places in counties

 Tallinn, Stenbock House, December 5, 2017 - At today's Cabinet meeting, the government received an overview of the state of play of the removal of state employment offices from the capital. The ministries have submitted proposals to bring over 1,000 state jobs to all counties across Estonia. Each ministry submitted proposals for its area of ​​responsibility and coordinated the organization of the transfer of jobs.

"It is of national interest that there would be high-skilled jobs throughout Estonia because the availability of jobs is directly linked to the viability of rural areas. If people in working age do not have a decent app in their home country, then we also have a hard time expecting them to stay with their family and contributing daily to the development of their community. We need to ensure that Estonian county centers and distant municipalities are further developed alongside Tallinn, and local residents should not come to search for work and self-realization only in the capital, "said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas.

Minister of Public Administration Jaak Aab believes that, although the transfer of workplaces to counties is already planned, and some preparations are already being made, there are also areas where efforts still need to be made to increase the number of state-run public jobs there. "The removal of jobs from state institutions from Tallinn is a priority for the government. Equal jobs need to be found everywhere in Estonia, "said Minister Aab. "The problem is that in some counties, at the moment, the number of state-paid jobs is too small. If activities planned in Tartu, Ida-Virumaa and Rapla County are planned, then, for example, in Lääne, Põlva, Valga and Võrumaa and in some other counties, further work is needed to create more jobs. Therefore, we will continue the activities already initiated,

When leaving jobs from Tallinn, one must also take into account the trend that the number of central government jobs in the regions decreased during January 1, 2016-1. June 2017 by almost 6,000. In addition, on 1 January, county governments will be closed, which means the redundancy of more than 150 state-paid jobs. After administrative reform, the number of jobs in local governments can be reduced further. "In order to provide work on the ground also for people who are released in the course of administrative reform, the state must create equivalent jobs locally," said Minister Aab. 

In order to keep track of the trend of job losses, future reorganization of state institutions outside Tallinn or reorganization of jobs should be coordinated with the Minister of Public Administration.

Workplaces are scheduled to be removed, moved or already moved from existing existing out-of-town branches, for example, the State Support Center has units in Tartu, Viljandi and Kuressaare. There is also a plan to increase the number of employees in the counties at the expense of the natural turnover of personnel, that is, the person who left the workplace in Tallinn has taken a new person outside the capital, for example, the Tax and Customs Board. In addition, it is planned to bring the agency's activities as a whole to the county center, for example, the Estonian Geological Survey is located in Rakvere from the new year. "It is good to point out that, with the recruitment of new employees, more and more state agencies are offering employment opportunities across Estonia, as the nature of the work allows them," added Minister Aab.

Focusing on the transfer of jobs to county centers focuses primarily on central government agencies, where last year approximately 55,000 people were employed, 45 percent of them in Tallinn. In particular, those jobs are located in areas that do not depend on their location in the organization of their daily work. Constituent institutions, ministries, institutions of the capital and its surroundings and institutions providing services to enterprises are not planned to be expelled from the capital. 

The government wants to remove more than 1,000 jobs from the capital in 2017-2019. To this end, all ministries submitted proposals for their area of ​​government and coordinated their withdrawal and provided explanations for the choices. Check out the suggestions from ministries that were submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers to remove jobs from the capital:  Removal of state salary jobs from Tallinn(305.54 KB, PDF) .  

NB! Please note that for the Unemployment Insurance Fund, the posts in the table have already been created in the county departments. 

Information on the removal of state-paid jobs is available on the website of the Ministry of Finance: (DOCX)

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