The web service expands: A comprehensive information bank and advisory service opened for entrepreneurs

 Ministry of Employment and the Economy  10.1.2018 10.45 


The website of the web site has been published. Now all information and advice about setting up a business and business can be found in one place - The business section replaces the previously existing Company-Finland site.

The web service, which brings together public services, is expanding to cover corporate services aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs.'s business area brings together the services related to the various phases of the company's life cycle and a comprehensive information package. As a result of the reform, the popularity of the service is integrated into the web service. Enterprise Finland's telephone service for start-up and active entrepreneurs (p. 0295 020 500) will continue.

For a start-up entrepreneur, information on 's business includes information on how to set up a business and apply for funding. The growing company has information on the recruitment of employees and the employer's obligations. The web site also provides comprehensive information that facilitates business planning and development. The online service also tells about the company's growth and internationalization of the services offered.

"'s business section brings together all the information and support that is available in Finland. The service is also complemented by private and third-party services. Information can be found throughout the company's life cycle, from choosing the form of company to ending business, "says Kirsi Mikkonen, Expert at Population Register Center.

The wizard is a checklist for a new entrepreneur

The corporate site provides support to a new entrepreneur in a new way when the service launches the guided work paths. Their idea is to guide the future entrepreneur through the steps of setting up a business and ensure that important things are taken into account. By answering questions, the entrepreneur gets a checklist to facilitate the company's establishment process, which advises on what permissions the company needs, which registers to register and what kind of insurance should be obtained.

The operating paths guiding the company's design and creation have already been published. There is also a guided path for recruiting a first employee.

The online service has received positive feedback when presented to future users. As a strength, visitors especially thought that information and services could be found in one address according to the theme. The user does not need to know which organization or agency's field of activity they belong to the information or service they are looking for.

"The new service has been developed as a comprehensive co-operation with authorities, and our goal is to support companies and entrepreneurs better. Team Finland, Competition and Consumer Agency, TE Offices and ELY Centers have been involved, "Mikkonen says.

Electrical proxies and authority messages to companies

During 2018, services will expand to cover the needs of companies even more broadly as messages expand to cover the corporate communications of small businesses. messages are a fast and secure way to communicate with public administration organizations.

In, for example, a company representative can already authorize an employee of a company to handle the business. The ability to handle matters through an electronic credential will significantly expand this year.

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