There will be 32, 5 million euros for the restoration of hospitals, theaters, sports bases and cultural heritage sites.

 At the sitting of January 4, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the support conditions prepared by the Ministry of Economics for increasing energy efficiency of public buildings in the framework of the second round of implementation of projects. 

With approved conditions for beneficiaries of five sectors - health, culture, welfare, education and sports, there will be available 32, 5 million euros for the renovation of 43 buildings. Within the framework of the project, hospitals, theaters, sports bases and state-owned cultural and historical monuments will be restored. 

As the additional beneficiaries will be societies, including the Latvian Association of the Deaf, the Latvian Society for the Blind, the Association of Latvian National Cultural Societies, the Itas Kozakevich Association, the Union of Latvian Theater Workers, which performs government-delegated government tasks.

Within the framework of the second round of the program, the support will be available for increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and civil engineering structures, including construction works in building envelopes and civil engineering structures (insulation of buildings and any other energy efficiency improvement measures), energy efficient lighting installation, energy efficiency improvement of cooling systems, renovation of engineering systems of buildings and civil engineering works, for the purchase and installation of thermal energy, water heating and cooling sources for renewable energy, costs associated with saving energy and CO2 emissions, for drafting technical documentation and for project management and monitoring.

The main requirements for these renovation projects are two:

  • the planned total amount of heat and electricity savings after the project implementation is at least 30% per year from the calculated heat and power consumption before the project implementation;
  • the planned heat consumption for heating after the implementation of the project does not exceed 110 kWh / m2 per year (except in cases where the average height of the premises exceeds 3.5 meters).

Detailed rules for the implementation of the second round of project application selection procedure measure "Promote energy efficiency improvement in public buildings" Specific support objective "Promote energy efficiency improvement in public and residential buildings" 4.2.1. "can be found on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers . 

Within the framework of the first selection procedure for the project of energy efficiency improvement of public buildings, by the year 2021, 130 buildings will be restored for a total funding of 78.9 million. euro. At present, projects for the restoration of 59 buildings for the total ERDF funding have been submitted to 41.57 million lats. euro. 

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