Tourism And Industry Drive Malta's Electricity Demands To Record Highs

 Demand for electricity hit an all-time high for three weeks running, reaching a new record of 469 megawatts yesterday.

The increased amount of economic activity and population growth have driven up demand for electricity, with Enemalta noting that the highest growth in electricity consumption in recent years was seen in tourism and industrial zones.

The consumption of electricity continues to climb as air conditioners are considered to be a necessity both in homes and in the workplace.

Enemalta registered the highest electricity peak load ever recorded in the Maltese islands at any one time, 469 megawatts. The load late yesterday reached a high of 452 megawatts – the highest demand ever registered in Malta during the night.

Previously, the all-time peak grid load stood at 438 megawatts, registered two years ago, in July 2015.

The demand, known as the peak electricity grid load – calculates the greatest amount of energy distributed through the national electricity network to Enemalta’s customers at any one time.

This was the first time that peak grid loads were reached without having to use electricity generated by the old HFO-fired power plants at Marsa and the old Delimara power station.

Instead, Enemalta said it was relying on a generation mix based on the new natural gas-fired plants, the Malta-Italy Interconnector and grid-connected renewable energy sources.


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