The Trend Leaders Event brought together government and service developers to look at government program themes

The Trenders event, organized by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with various ministries, brought together hundreds of people last week to discuss the digital and information policy themes of the new government program. The aim was to find concrete new ways of cooperation and ways of developing society.

During the day, the silos broke away and together they explored the eleven digital and information policy themes of the government program, with people-centered digital glasses on the head. Topics of the government program to be worked on included digitalisation of participation rights, ethical utilization of artificial intelligence, and citizen-oriented public administration in the 2020s. Expertise from different sectors of society was widely involved in the development of the themes. 

“The government has made a promise to citizens to renew their political culture and decision-making. The promise of a new kind of interaction is being redeemed by more and more cross-administrative preparation and the development of ways to bring more and more people into society's renewal. Thus, a new kind of interaction means that people are much more involved in the activities of state administration and municipalities, as well as exploring and experimenting with new methods of interaction, ” said Sirpa Paatero, Minister of Local Government and Ownership Opening .

Päivi Nerg , Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Finance, and Vesa Silfver , Motiva's CEO, also took part in the discussion on the digitalisation of public administration .




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