Will set a new obligation fuel marketers to promote the consumption of biofuels

 In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport, the European Union Member States are committed to ensure that the renewable energy sources (RES) produced energy in transport in 2020 is at least 10% of final energy consumption in the transport sector (RES 10% target).

To promote the use of RES in the transport sector Latvian from 1 October 2009 and the requirement to provide 5% of biofuel in petrol and diesel. However, this requirement does not apply to diesel fuel, which is used in arctic or severe winter conditions in the maritime transport fleet engines and aviation transport engines. Given that the existing legislative framework is without prejudice to arctic and severe winter conditions used in diesel trading period, oil companies and the summer period is chosen to market arctic and severe winter conditions for diesel.

2016 realized a total of 78 thousand. tons of diesel fuel with biofuel, which is almost 80% less than in 2015, when it was realized 346 thousand. tons of diesel fuel with biofuel.

Consequently, a situation that the Latvian actual consumption of biofuels is decreasing, which means that, without changes to the law, there is a risk that Latvia by 2020 will not reach the RES 10% target. Recent statistics show that energy from renewable sources in transport final energy consumption in 2015 was 3.9% (compared to 2014 the share of RES was 4.08%), of which biofuels accounted for 2.3%, while electricity - 1.6 %. 

Cabinet meeting of 4 July was considered the Ministry of Economy prepared the conceptual report "On the use of renewable energy in the transport sector", which analyzes solutions RES 10% target and regulatory framework arrangement.

In the light of the situation, the Cabinet decided that in the near future will be made in a number of amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers regulations, to ensure that from 2018, the period from 1 April to 31 October, both temperate and arctic and severe winter conditions of use diesel It may only be marketed with the addition of biofuels at least 4.5 to 5% volume.

Similarly, the Cabinet of Ministers conceptually approved obliging fuel marketers to ensure that the share of sales to the final consumer transport volume predicted energy is produced from RES. Thus, the fuel marketers will have more options to choose from in which the mixing proportions and the period to realize the fuel with biofuel, while abandoning the currently existing mandatory biofuel admixture requirements. It is planned to establish that this part of the volume is increased gradually to a provisional 8.5% in 2020.

Retailers with conceptual report "On the use of renewable energy in the transport sector" can be found on the website of the Cabinet.


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