The Young Lawyers program gives a kick start to the career of civil servants in the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has launched the Young Lawyers program, which aims to give a start to the legal profession in the ministry. The program will respond to the accelerating retirement challenge in the coming years, as retirement is the main reason for the change of ministry.

During the period from September to October, 10 auxiliary lawyers will start at the Ministry of Finance. Seven of them have been selected for the Young Lawyers program and three have been selected for other roles, such as the EU Presidency.

The Young Lawyers program aims to guide lawyers who are still in the early stages of their careers to the Council of State. The program lasts for a year, and assisting lawyers in a variety of legal issues. Assisting lawyers have been recruited for both economic and administrative policy departments, including international and law-making in the financial markets and tax departments, state budget-related tasks in the budget department, preparation of a new social reform in the .

“At the moment, the working-age population in Finland is both shrinking and graying faster than the rest of Europe. As the baby boomers retire in the coming years, the graying of the civil service will also be visible in the Ministry of Finance, ”says Martti Hetemäki, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Finance  .

One has to be prepared for the exit of knowledge capital by transferring knowledge through work-based learning.

“The ministry's office is changing, especially with retirement. The Master of Laws is the most common qualification title for officials of the Ministry of Finance. That is why we have a great need for skilled and motivated lawyers to become future lawyers, ”Hetemäki continues.

Significant expert work in the perspective of society is of interest

The Ministry of Finance employs about 360 people. A large part of the personnel is engaged in various expert tasks. The aim is to bring together in the ministry the best expertise of people who are united by a desire to develop, the ability to create something new and the will to succeed in the challenges of the future. The high number and high level of applicants for the program show that there is an interest in meaningful expert work in society.

Attorneys Anni Salo from the Budget Department and Sara Saarela from the State Administration Development Department applied for the Young Lawyers program because they want to get more into law-making, get to know the ministry world and work in challenging but also interesting jobs.

“I feel that I can get a meaningful job at the Ministry of Finance. My personal responsibilities will be related to the multifaceted legal tasks related to the preparation of fiscal policy. The Ministry of Finance seems to be flooded with iron professionals. I believe that I will learn wildly during the year and develop my skills in this knowledgeable work community, ”says Salo.

“My job is related to regulatory projects related to the development of state-owned corporate group services. My first impression has been really positive. People are passionate about their work and as a new employee, I have felt very welcome, "Saarela says.



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