$270, 2,561-piece Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet will eat ghosts, disposable income

$270, 2,561-piece Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet will eat ghosts, disposable income<br />
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Gaming & Culture
May 2023

Lego's video game-themed sets for adults have focused mostly on home consoles and the Super Mario universe, but its newest set is turning its eyes to the arcade era. A new 2,561-piece Lego Icons set re-creates the original Pac-Man arcade cabinet, complete with a hand crank on the side that makes Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde move (along pre-determined paths) on its "screen."

The set will launch on June 4 for $270.

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The Pac-Man set isn't a full re-creation of the 1980 original--it looks more like a half-height bartop arcade cabinet rather than one that goes all the way to the floor--but the marquee, the controls, and the decals on the sides are all dead ringers for the old bright-yellow cabinet.

Aside from its moving parts, the set has a few other special features. The coin slot lights up red when one of the buttons is pressed, and the game's score can be rotated to increase it. The large versions of Pac-Man, Blinky, and Clyde on the top can also be rotated 180 degrees, depending on whether you want the ghosts to be chasing Pac-Man or the other way around.

Lego Pac-Man

The set uses a couple of tricks that Lego has deployed in past sets. The hand crank recalls the Lego NES set from a few years ago, which also used a crank to make its screen "move" and simulate playability (to be clear, the NES and the Pac-Man cabinet are not actually playable games). And the back of the cabinet pulls off to reveal a minifig playing a second minifig-sized game of Pac-Man, sort of like how the Lego Atari 2600 set opened up to reveal a beige 1980s living room complete with an Atari console and CRT TV.

Listing image by Lego