Biglaw Firm Finally Finds Kanye West, Dumps Him As Client

Biglaw Firm Finally Finds Kanye West, Dumps Him As Client
Feb 2023

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After months of searching high and low for their embattled client Kanye West, Greenberg Traurig has finally found the rapper -- and dumped him.


The top Biglaw firm had long been trying to part ways with Ye in the wake of his antisemitic remarks. It wasn't the first firm to do so; in fact, GT was going to be the fifth, but the troubled musical icon had apparently gone into hiding after praising Hitler, making the task all the more difficult.

The search to find the rap legend proved to be so difficult that GT asked a judge if the firm could serve West with notice of its withdrawal via newspaper, but that request was later denied. Luckily, the firm was able to track him down at the end of January. Insider has the scoop:

The rapper ... had fled his other residences and his business addresses. He was found at a location "primarily used by persons and entities not affiliated with Ye or his businesses," according to lawyers for Greenberg Traurig.

"The address at which Ye was personally served is not one that is publicly affiliated with Ye or his businesses, but one that Ye nonetheless frequents," a Greenberg Traurig wrote in a court filing.

Greenberg Traurig put the address where Ye was served under seal to maintain their former client's privacy and prevent "unwanted loitering and attempted access by third parties." Now that's a classy law firm.

Kanye West's ex-lawyers finally found him after months of trying to tell him they quit [Insider]

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Biglaw Firm Finally Finds Kanye West, Dumps Him As Client
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