Could Jim Jordan Be In Legal Hot Water For Political Stunt?

Could Jim Jordan Be In Legal Hot Water For Political Stunt?<br />
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Apr 2023

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The Manhattan District Attorney's indictment of former president Donald Trump has spurred a virtual cornucopia of legal issues that's kept the hot take industry afloat the last few weeks. You'll recall even congress members -- led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan -- decided to stick their thumb in the eye of federalism and *demand* (lol) Alvin Bragg's office answer questions about their Trump investigation. Of course, Bragg answered with a solid no way! But still the controversy lingers.

Former Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, took to his Justice Matters podcast to slam Jordan's actions... and points out the legal hot water he could find himself in. As reported by Huffington Post:

Kirschner said Jordan violated a New York state law against "obstructing governmental administration," defined as preventing "a public servant from performing an official function by means of intimidations, physical force or interference."

"That is precisely what Jim Jordan has done and is doing ... so the only question, friends, is what is DA Bragg prepared to do about it," said Kirschner. He claimed Jordan also violated the Constitution's 10th Amendment.

"He should be locked up because, you know, justice matters," Kirschner added.

I'm not sure Bragg has much appetite for wading into this quicksand, but it is entertaining to consider. Maybe facing actual consequences would force Jordan to rethink political stunts designed to pander to his base and get the attention of Fox News.

Could Jim Jordan Be In Legal Hot Water For Political Stunt?
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