Kim Kardashian's Latest Law School Endeavors

Kim Kardashian's Latest Law School Endeavors
Law Schools
Feb 2023

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I'm a big fan of Kim Kardashian's quest to become a lawyer -- via the apprentice route (not having an undergraduate degree makes a traditional law school route a challenge). For whatever you think of her TV show, SKIMS empire, or SKKN line empire, the work she has done on criminal justice reform is laudable. I want her to succeed -- and not just for the easy traffic garnered by putting "Kim Kardashian" in a headline.

Faithful Above the Law readers will be familiar with Kim's social media documentation of her work to become an esquire. She shared a criminal law issue spotter that cast Justin Bieber as a criminal mastermind and Tiger King hypos, complained about the fact that law student life sucks, explained that she neglected her Keeping Up With the Kardashians livetweeting duties to keep up with torts homework, bailed on summer holiday festivities as she continued with her contracts homework, and dealt with personalized questions all about her. She even has a favorite law professor -- University of Washington contracts professor Steve Calandrillo -- who she's shouted out on Insta. Occasionally she has a "just like us" moment, like when she posted about shooting tequila while studying torts, and less relatable moments like when studying took a bikini photoshoot turn.

Balancing legal studies that with a billion-dollar business, motherhood, and a notoriously difficult co-parent hasn't been easy. Passing the baby bar -- the first exam on her way to becoming an attorney -- took her a few tries (though she took an iteration of the test WHILE SHE HAD COVID). But ultimately she passed, and more than that, one of her essays was used as a model answer.

Now, she's prepping for the next stage in her bar exam journey -- and that means new subjects. According to her Instagram stories, where so much of her law school quest has been documented, she's now tackling con law and community property.

via Kim Kardashian's Instagram

As might be obvious from the fact Kardashian is just now starting to learn Con Law, she has a ways to go before she can *officially* call herself a lawyer. But it's clear she's well on her way.

Kim Kardashian's Latest Law School Endeavors
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