Morning Docket: 05.09.23

Morning Docket: 05.09.23<br />
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Morning Docket
May 2023

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

* Donald Trump allowed limited access to evidence against him in criminal trial, only in the presence of his attorneys in a bid to prevent the defendant from causing a social media firestorm. Aw... after this many years, folks still think Trump listens to his lawyers? [Law360]

* Disney's superior attorneys are just going to keep updating this complaint every time Ron DeSantis digs himself a little deeper. [Deadline]

* Sam Bankman-Fried asks judge to dismiss 10 of 13 charges against him because if anyone knows a worthless claim when he sees one it's Sam Bankman-Fried. [Reuters]

* Despite doom and gloom from firms cutting headcount, the industry overall is in recovery... but Biglaw and Small Law are taking different paths back to the summit. [American Lawyer]

* An interview with Steven Thomas, a former Sullivan & Cromwell partner who started his own practice focusing on litigating against Big 4 audit firms for failing to detect fraud at their clients. [Oh My Fraud]